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Originally Posted by Winnipegger View Post
lol an International Airport. You should see the landing strip in Winkler. It's right in the middle of the manufacturing sector. It'll be a while before the 10 mile gap between Morden and Winkler gets filled with more middle class developments and another Tim Hortens.

As for going to the city, I'll be off to University next year, and my life will continue then. As of now, I try and visit the city at least twice a month. I used to live in St. Norbert, but circumstances brought me out here.

Yea, and the chinease in my town is great, but they too have a killer burger. I also dislike people who fathom and get scared away by big populations, such as any place over 100 000. Honestly, things are better, and progress is made, in big cities, not small towns. (Well, progress that matters, anyway)

Yes, I can relate. Small town living isn't my style either.

As far as the Morden - Winkler gap ...they used to say the same thing about the gap between Charleswood and Old Winnipeg back in the 50's... and now its just one continious city. I am also sure a small plane has taken off from the Winkler air strip and landed in the states at some time...

Congrats on your coming relocation to Winnipeg.
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