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Originally Posted by J-MAN View Post
lol, your actually really getting me intersted.. no jokes

can you take some pictures of the area and developments around winkler - morden?
Umm, I could try, I mean, usually if I go for a trip, (other than to walmart ) then I go to winnipeg, but i'll see what I can do. Man, you people don't get out much, but then again, there isn't much to see out here. I mean, the stuff out here is smaller than Steinback, so if you've been there, you've seen it all, but I'll see what I can come up with within the next few weeks, no guarantees though.

Originally Posted by newflyer View Post
LOL .. we should all take a field trip to Winkden.

We could all go for coffee at the new Tim Hortons.
lol, that Tim Hortens has been there for at least 4 years I think, probably longer.
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