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This Floating UFO Home Concept Lets You Fulfil Your Dream Of Living On The Ocean

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If you are the adventurous type and you have have always dreamed about leaving the land and becoming a citizen of the ocean, then your dream can finally come true thanks to the Italian mini-yacht manufacturer, Jet Capsule. The company has come up with an ingenious, futuristic pod which it has christened Unidentified Floating Object or UFO.

The UFO has been designed so that it can keep floating around the ocean for days. It’s water jet propelled electric motor allows it to achieve a speed of 6.5 km/h (3.5 knots for the captains out there.) For the energy requirements of the this electric motor, there is a 40 square meter solar panel on top of the roof that can top up the on board battery. --- That’s not all: water and wind turbines – which can be installed as an add-on – can sufficiently supply for the rest of the energy needs of the home. A vegetable garden – that circles around the structure on top – is used to grow the food that occupants of this floating home might need. Drinkable water comes from an on board water purification system.


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