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Reimagining Cities in the Face of Climate Change and Migration

The fantastical "Noah's Ark" designed by Aleksandar Joksimovic and Jelena Nikolic envisions a series of interconnected, floating islands that can house species displaced by climate change.. ImageDesigned by Aleksandar Joksimovic, Jelena Nikolic; image via eVolo

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut proposes recycling ocean trash as building materials for his futuristic floating cities.

"CALTROPe"–modular mangrove forests may help reduce agricultural land loss due to rising sea levels and erosion.

Manhattan will construct a massive wall and park to guard against rising sea levels, providing adaptable and interactive public spaces in the process.. ImageCourtesy of Bjarke Ingels Group

Architect Vincent Callebaut's "Lilypad" project is a multi-use, floating ecopolis that is intended to house up to 50,000 climate refugees per floating structure.

Copenhagen-based firm SLA's "The Soul of Nørrebro" is an integrated climate adaption project that transforms the city's Hans Tavsens Park into a rainwater catching basin that will help irrigate the city and combat urban heat island effect.. Image© SLA / Beauty and the Bit

The Floating Island Project proposed for French Polynesia never became a reality, but will floating cities be the future of urban living?. Image© Blue Frontiers, via The New York Times

Also by Vincent Callebaut's firm, the "Dragonfly" project proposes a vertical urban farm in the heart of New York City's Hudson River.

Tredje Natur's porous "Climate Tile" collects rainwater from roofs and sidewalks and reintroduces the water into the city circuit, watering plants and alleviating pressures on the city's sewage system.

DeltaSync's floating geodesic domes propose an alternative space for human habitation and food production.


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