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The city of Cleveland wants to move the Coast Guard, Naval Reserve, and Army Corps of Engineers to a new location and add more attractions to the east side of E. 9th St. The mayor has rather singlehandedly picked VOA's (who designed Chicago's Navy Pier) proposed design, and has tied this $200 million plan to a $560 million convention center. He wants the public to vote on the plans, but has kept City Council in the dark, making the chances of a smooth adoption very slim. Another view. Plans are also underway to restore the old Euclid Beach Carousel, and place it in a new building at North Coast Harbor, just north of the Rock Hall, near Voinovich Park. The building has been designed by van Dijk Pace Westlake Architects, although the design review committee wants the building to be a bit more playful. Cleveland Tomorrow still has to raise the $5 million needed for the carousel. Tickets are expected to cost $1 or $2, and there will be a gift shop and snack bar open to the public. Construction of the carousel is planned to start in the summer of 2001.
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