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Of course there's an explanation. The biggest reason it never materialized was a lack of funding. Also, it didn't help that the city had recently built Cleveland Browns Stadium at taxpayers' expense and the mayor wanted to add yet another mega-project.

At that time, Mayor Michael White was basically trying to strong-arm City Council into supporting this project which was doomed from the beginning. City Council wisely resisted the mayor's plans because the city was in no position to create a Navy Pier-like amusement park on the lakefront in addition to a new convention center. Cleveland residents were rightfully infuriated by cost overruns at Cleveland Browns Stadium and foisting this on them was a stupid idea to begin with. $5 million dollars would do wonders for the city's neighborhoods but Mike White wanted to plunk it into a lakefront carousel. Remember, Mike White hired people to his Cabinet that had questionable "degrees" from online universities and his bookkeeping was an absolute mess.
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