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Originally Posted by VDB View Post
Middlewood Locks Phase 1 | Middlewood
Apartments | Salford


  • Address: All Plots, Middlewood Locks, Salford M5

  • Architect: WCEC

  • Floors: 6-9

  • Number of apartments: 571

  • Cost: £700m for entire masterplan

  • Developer: Scarborough Group

Current status: Phase 1 under construction, all other phases approved

Nearest transport: Salford Central

Crane going up at Middlewood Locks.

Photo by yesevil

Originally Posted by VDB View Post
Clipper's Quay | Salford Quays
Apartments | Salford


  • Address: All Plots, Clipper's Quay, Trafford Road, Salford Quays, Salford M5

  • Architect: Leach Rhodes Walker

  • Floors: Smallest 8, Tallest 15

  • Number of apartments: 614

  • Cost: £100m

  • Developer: Amstone

Current status: Under Construction

Nearest transport: Exchange Quay

Cores beginning to rise at Clipper's Quay.

Photo by Stopfordian Dreamer

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London Road Fire Station | Piccadilly
Redevelopment | City Zone


  • Address: 11 Whitworth St, Piccadilly, City Zone Manchester M1

  • Architect: Original building: Woodhouse, Willoughby & Langam

  • Temporary Use: Events space/outdoor Summer cinema

  • Long-term Use: Apartments, restaurants, bars, market & events space

  • Local Authority: Manchester City Council

  • Developer: Allied London

Current status: Planning app submitted

Nearest transport: Piccadilly

The courtyard at LRFS, pictured above, will be used for a Christmas Market and an ice rink over the Christmas period.

Manchester Evening News: Christmas market and ice rink to open inside London Road Fire Station

The event will be known as The Winter Gathering, will start on November 11th and will feature art gallery and performance space during the day with 'house-style' parties and DJ sets at night.

The main Manchester Christmas markets are a fair old walk from LRFS but the organisers of the event are hoping it will complement them, and drag footfall down to this area of town, which has traditionally been seen as on the very edge of the city centre.

There'll also be streetfood and an artisan market.

Originally Posted by VDB View Post
Piccadilly station expansion | Piccadilly
Tram Stop | City Zone


  • Address: Piccadilly station, Station Approach, Piccadilly, City Zone Manchester M2

  • Owner: Network Rail

  • Rail companies operating: Transpennine Express, Virgin Trains, Arriva Trains North &tc

  • Funding: Network Rail, HS2 Ltd, UK Government, TfGM

  • Current number of platforms: 14 (+2 Metrolink) (ranked 15th in UK)

  • Planned number of platforms: 24 (+4 Metrolink) (ranked 1st in UK)

  • Cost: £1.6bn

  • Projects involved: Metrolink, High Speed Two, Northern Powerhouse Rail, Northern Hub

Current status: Pre-Planning (navigating through Government)

Nearest transport: N/A

Plans to make Manchester's Piccadilly station the UK's largest rail station moved a step closer yesterday as the government announced it was committed to bringing High Speed Two to Manchester.

Beforehand, Phase 1 of the line (between London and the West Midlands) had been confirmed, but now the strategic heart of HS2 (to link Manchester and London) has been confirmed.

But High Speed Two is not the only expansion planned at Piccadilly, as the diagram below shows. Currently, Piccadilly has 14 platforms - 2 through platforms which are elevated above the station, 12 terminus platforms for suburban and long-distance trains, and 2 Metrolink platforms underneath the station.

High Speed Two (HS2)

HS2 will bring an extra four terminating platforms to Piccadilly station - and will be added into a new train shed to the east (right on the diagram above) of the existing station. This area is currently an empty car park, and a back alley street (Sheffield St) will be transformed into a grand new atrium between the current station and the HS2 station. Retail, restaurants and waiting spaces will be added in underneath the HS2 platforms.

Northern Hub

The Northern Hub rail project will bring two new through platforms to Piccadilly station and will be added onto the south side of the station (on the left on the diagram above). These two new platforms will enable trains to run through Manchester from north to south, uniting not just the north and south of Greater Manchester but also helping to connect Northern England with central Manchester and Manchester Airport.

Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR)

To complement the North-South axis of HS2, government has also proposed an East-West axis in the form of Northern Powerhouse Rail - forming a hub at Manchester Piccadilly. NPR will run from Liverpool to Newcastle and Hull via Manchester - with a tunnel underneath the Pennine Hills to Leeds. The route will run underground through central Manchester, with a 4-platform cavern station deep underneath Piccadilly.


Metrolink at Piccadilly will be doubled in size to four platforms and pushed further underground, underneath the atrium between HS2 and the mainline station for ease of access.

Undercroft Retail

The enormous cavernous space underneath Piccadilly station will be transformed into a retail, dining and waiting space - making good use of the enormous redbrick arches, and linking across the station's Atrium into the waiting/dining space underneath the HS2 platforms.

All in all, by the mid-2030s Manchester's Piccadilly station will be the UK's largest - and probably busiest - transport hub. Multiple different modes of transport will integrate and entwine here: Metrolink, suburban rail, regional rail, National Rail, bus & coach services and potentially even international rail. It'll be a multi-level, multi-access behemoth embedded into the very centre of Manchester.

Originally Posted by VDB View Post
Exchange Court | Greengate
Apartments | Salford


  • Address: 3 Greengate, Greengate, Salford M3

  • Architect: OMI

  • Floors: 44

  • Height: 130m

  • Number of apartments: 350

  • Developer: Renaker

Current status: Under Construction

Nearest transport: Victoria

A really, really, really deep hole

Originally Posted by jrb View Post
Chethams, or Chets as it's locally known,is located right in the heart of the city centre. It's one of the oldest and most famous music schools in the UK, if not the World. Many of it's pupils come from all over the World. The new school next to the wider campus was built a few years back. The new Stoller music hall has just been finished. See below.



Another great addition to Manchester's growing music and cultural venues.

Link to the website at the bottom of the pictures.

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