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Originally Posted by drummer View Post
Thanks. I thought they were filling in the now-empty lot...didn't the Sam's proposal go away?

Anyway, looks like a neat development for that area. Dallas is continuing to boom.
The suburban type proposal was thankfully shot down by a judge. They very well could still try to get a Sams built there, but I presume it will would be a more urban type development. That was the main issue with it, not necessarily because it was a "Sams". To sum up what happened with this so far:

1. 12 story building gets demoed in dense/urban area.
2. City changes zoning as suited for developer.
3. Developer proposes suburban shopping center.
4. Neighbors take issue with this. Demand city intervene.
5. City declines to intervene to avoid getting sued by developer.
6. Local Association forms and sues Developer
7. Association wins. That's where we're at now.
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