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Originally Posted by 25grapes View Post
The funny thing about the fumble re-call is that the whistle was clearly blown before any redblack was even close to the ball so it could be argued that it should have been Montreal's ball. I was there too and I think the command centre made the turnover call to save the ref's from pure outrage.
But that's the problem with that play. The whistle was blown far too early. Whether Durant was making a passing motion or not, the ball clearly traveled backwards on the play, making it either a fumble or an incomplete lateral, which is still a live ball. While no Redblack player was that close to the ball at the whistle, the closest players to the ball were all Redblacks. The video review may have cleared up the possession question (Forward pass vs fumble) but the quick whistle definitely cost the Redblacks a touchdown.

My section of the stadium was really riled up over that series of events.
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