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The issue concerning that call was that the Ref thought there was forward passing motion. In other words, the ball was moving forward and an Ottawa player knocked it backwards.

That was not the case. Their was what appeared to be a forward motion but in fact Durant was turned sideways and the arm motion was lateral to the line of scrimmage and the ball ended up being thrown backwards. That has to be considered an incomplete lateral and therefore live ball.

I did not hear the whistle because of the fans cheering but clearly the play was called dead because the several RedBlack players who chased the ball never bothered picking it up.

I guess strictly speaking it should have been Montreal ball since the QB was the last to touch it before the whistle was blown, but it would have been a travesty.

I hope that team of officials are spoken to about not blowing the whistle when there is any possibility of a call on the field being overturned as a fumble recovery. Let the play complete and then work it out.

Has the speed and complexity of the game become overwhelming for the officials? It just seems to be that many calls are being overturned. Even then, video review is still far from perfect. I recall the Argo game with a field goal being called wide by an official in the back of the end zone when the official under the goal post (for whatever reason) did not make the call. That was truly bizarre since the official under the goalpost was the one best to judge the field goal attempt especially when it is close.
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