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Originally Posted by Orlando View Post
eBay to construct $334 million data center in South Jordan!

This will be huge! This will be in Daybreak. This could have been decent sized highrise in downtown SLC! Despite how nice Daybreak is, it's disappointing that it is set so far back from Bangerter Highway. If it truly was good planning, it would have stitched itself much better into existing cities and neighborhoods. Despite how nice this office building will look out there, the hugeness will only further exacerbate our sprawl problem! The scale of this development will only help to draw more people out to that part of the valley, and further away from the epicenter of the metro region! Please, someone place some controls over developers and private owners for the sake of the region!;col1
Well we've got to fend for ourselves out here somehow. If we don't put up a fight, SLC will suck everything down town and force us to commute 1 hour each way for everything. So would you rather us build endless seas of houses out here, or cluster together in dense centers? Daybreak is bringing density to the region and offering a central hub to cluster around. We could just sprawl traditionaly with seas of houses and strip malls - or we can make dense commercial/residential hubs with light-rail access like Daybreak.

I think this project is great for the region!

Seems to me like you guys always speak of us as miniscule "burbs out in the middle of nowhere", but judging by your harsh diatribes against us developing our community centers you guys fear us What's there to be scared of? You guys have more going on down town than in recent history!! If anything, I think the maturation of the "burbs" is helping you guys. Stunting growth out here isn't going to help out the region very much.
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