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To those who are complaining about the eBay structure...they obviously chose the area because it is much cheaper than a downtown office area. Plus it is a data center--I highly doubt it is going to be filled with many even mid-level officials, let alone top of the company--they aren't going to want to spend more a more money on data location than they would on a corporate HQ. Thus in my mind eBay would likely say, if you force us to build downtown, fine, we'll build somewhere else. So my question is, would you rather have the increase of jobs for the area as a whole? Or rather make sure that anyone having office space over 10,000 sq ft build it downtown--and thus have less of a job increase (on the whole) because some companies refuse to have downtown office space?

In short, I'm glad for the increase in jobs for Utah, the old idiom, "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" seems to fit for me.
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