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Originally Posted by Viperlord View Post

""The good part of the site is, it's the lowest [geographic] point through the Cottonwood Creek area," said Project Manager Jim Smuin of VCBO Architecture. He pointed out that the taller Old Mill would be at elevations similar to shorter buildings built higher on the foothill."

So in other words they are going to built this thing in a hole so that way it will only look like a 3-story building.

"The building could be between 144 and 165 feet, Smuin said, and there have been talks on burying the first level below ground."

Isn't that called a basement?
So really it's a 11-story building with A basement.

I never really got the "Cottonwood Heights" area. I mean having all those office buildings way out there just seems like it's way out of the way from most people. I think it would of make more sense to build housing/condo buildings and hotels there in that area since it's right by the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon.
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