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Originally Posted by NYguy View Post
There's a particular view of the Empire State from Broadway and 32nd that I've always loved, and now that's blocked by some random new apartment building on 32nd Street. Oh well. That's New York. It's constantly shifting and changing. You have to adapt. Time moves on, and what could be considered the skyline of the New York we know will not be considered the skyline of the New York of the future. I always say we haven't seen the best New York, and New York isn't done.
I have to agree with this sentiment. NYC is never going to be "done" and any of these view corridors will just stifle the dynamism of the city. I think in 30 years time, the ESB will just be one tower among many, much like the Chrysler building is today. There will be many more towers coming to the area stretching from 23rd to 42nd in the years to come and the role of the ESB will change from being the overlord that anchors the midtown skyline, as it has already done for the last 86 years, to one that has more dialogue with it's surroundings.
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