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Originally Posted by The North One View Post

Whatever, if New York wants to destroy any sort of beauty it has left for the sake of change and New Yorkers are fine with it then I'm not gonna argue, there are much more beautiful cities to preserve instead. The city can end up looking like São Paulo for all I care.
You make it sound like NY is having a Shanghai style boom where blocks and blocks of neighborhoods are demolished. One tower will not break the city. NY is not Sao Paulo. Architecturally, its top in the world. There are 1000's of pre-war structures everywhere. Still 1000's of structures all over the city that span 3 centuries. The city will be fine. Views will change, but the ESB will always remain a landmark and a symbol of the city. Hudson Yards, depending on the angle, will do more to mask the ESB from a larger POV than this tower will.
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