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Originally Posted by TonyNYC View Post
Talking about the Met Life Tower and it's original planned height, with all the towers going up now and the prime real estate around Madison Sq Park, do you see a time not in this building cycle, but down the road, that the Met Life tower finally rises to it's intended height.

The building's foundation, lobby, etc was built with height in mind.. original plan revisited or a totally new modern architectural plan going forward, say like the Hearst Building.

I see that building every single day.. that deserves to rise and take it's rightful place in NYC's skyline!!
It's always a fantasy of mine to see that built to it's original planned height, with maybe a modern twist to make it attractive to today's market.

Originally Posted by The North One View Post
I'm talking about this specific view, the obviously famous one where you can clearly see the ESB all the way from downtown because of the lower buildings. I never said all views of the building should be protected. Woolworth is nowhere near the ESB, how is that even remotely relevant? You're conflating arguments and ignoring nuances on purpose.
If that's your whole argument then you're wasting your time. This tower won't block the Empire State. And the Manhattan skyline, the ESB particularly, is seen from a variety of angle, even from Downtown.
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