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TBH, anything that contributes to putting the kibosh on this project in its present constitution is okay by me.

Even now, the brain trust behind the renderings refuses to offer a facade view from the Hudson side.

It just looks amateurish overall, especially with the "illuminated arch"on top...which looks like a junior high school industrial arts project with a three-watt light bulb socket attachment.

The paucity of the port-hole fenestration--alliteration intended--bespeaks a lazy approach to a potentially interesting look.

I *do*appreciate the dual-elemented body with an apparent view to usable space maximization (i.e. the white one being a dedicated elevator/stairwell core).

Maybe this personality dustup--or whatever it can be called--will turn out to be a good reasonfor everyone involvef to go back to the proverbial drawing board.
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