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Yeah 300k sounds like it could happen. I could see this via new construction, and also conversions of existing structures.

I really see the Bronx and also Queens as the boroughs where a large chunk of new or modified units in the next decades will reside. There is tons of land, and if they increase the zoning around transit stations in Queens for example, it will be great supply wise.

Overtime, North Manhattan will be upzoned. People want to live in Manhattan, and the income will be needed. The city will eventually lax its requirements. Money speaks, and more units/high density = more property taxes.

Land constraints are often thought about when discussing the city, but for those that go to Queens, there is plenty of land. Even the Bronx, a shit ton of land and existing neighborhoods to redevelop.

BUT... the limiting reagent in all of this will be transit. The city in general needs to focus on its transit, otherwise it will be a bumpy ride.
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