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Wow... 8-9 new supertalls by 2012?

Combine 5-6 new supertalls in Midtown with WTC's 3 new supertalls (4 almost), you have 8-9 supertalls perhaps by 2013.... incredible!

Now, we'll have to see if the designs for Mid-town are as good as the WTC. With Foster, good chance except we'll be getting two "flat" tops instead of spires for Penn 1 & 2. For Pelli, better chance of getting a lighted crown similar to BofA Charlotte or Intl Finance 2 in Hong Kong. For KPF, hopefully they design like they do for Shanghai & Seoul, Korea with a tapered crown and spire and not a flat top like the Finance Center currently going up in Hong Kong.

Interesting... the possibilities. Overall, the designs by any of the architects should be modern day versions of the ESB, soaring, inspiring towers with lighted crowns & spires... NOT a SOM bland box.
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