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posted by officedweller:

From the Busby website:

Busby Perkins+Will has been commissioned to design three stations for the Richmond portion of the new Canada Line transit system, an elevated line running parallel to No. 3 Road. Aberdeen Station, Lansdowne Station, and Richmond-Brighouse Station will be designed as a family, united by similarities in structure, glazing, and roof elements.

The stations will be fully glazed to encourage inward and outward visibility. Platforms will be accessible primarily via stairs and escalators, with transparent elevators providing wheelchair access. On the platforms, extensive use of glass will create a visual connection with the surrounding area. Distinctive wooden roofs will provide weather protection for the length of the platform, and will clearly identify the stations as part of the Canada Line's Richmond segment.

Each station has been concieved as a catalyst for future development, and has been designed to complement its envisioned surroundings. Aberdeen will support mixed-use commercial development, Richmond-Brighouse will serve a large-scale urban project, and Lansdowne will be surrounded by a large-scale park and plaza. Strategic daylighting will ensure that future development does not reduce the level of daylight brought into the stations, and rooftop rainwater collection will be incorporated into landscape design features. Other opportunities to incorporate sustainable principles are being pursued as designs progress.

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