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Originally Posted by rousseau View Post
Probably of minority interest here or anywhere in Canada, but a cyclist named Michael Woods from Ottawa is most likely going to finish in the top ten at the Vuelta a España (the third most prestigious of the three Grand Tours after the Tour de France in July and the Giro d'Italia in May). This article is already out of date, as Alberto Contador is now well ahead of Woods and is contending for a podium place (which virtually everyone is pulling for sentimentally, as he's a legend of the sport, the preeminent cyclist of the last twenty years since Miguel Indurain [yes, even counting Lance Armstrong's seven revoked Tour wins], and this is the final race of his career, as he's retiring after the Vuelta).

He's pretty old for a newer cyclist on the European pro scene. Canadians don't come up in the ranks the same way they do in Europe because we don't have the cycling culture they have. Ryder Hesjedal's win at the Giro in 2012 was the greatest victory by a Canadian cyclist ever, and he was 32 at the time. It's not too often that a cyclist toils as a domestique throughout his twenties before emerging as a GC contender (i.e. to win the whole race) in his thirties.
We do get a bit of coverage of Il Giro and La Vuelta on our longer sportscasts here. It's a spinoff from the fairly extensive coverage we get of the Tour de France. And a lead-in to the urban cycling races taking place in Montreal and Quebec City in September. (They're billed as the only UCI races of the year in North America.)

So I did know that Chris Froome was leading La Vuelta. (Doesn't he win everything these days?) But strangely enough had not heard of this Ottawa cyclist. Maybe it was mentioned and I missed it...
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