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Originally Posted by T-Stan View Post
I don't think that the 200 South 200 West location is the preferred location for a convention center hotel. I would guess that the those involved with the City Creek Center would rather see a convention center hotel that is on the North or East side of the Salt Palace to get foot traffic to the CCC. If it is on the West side (i.e. replacing Royalwood Plaza) more traffic will go towards Gateway.
If I remember correctly, Royal Wood Plaza is one of the proposed locations. Those involved with City Creek Center may prefer the convention hotel to be closer, but the purpose of building a convention hotel is not to support City Creek Center. City Creek Center will succeed on it's own; there is even the possibility that it will succeed too much and suck life away from the rest of the city. Locating the hotel equidistant between the two major shopping centers in downtown will ensure economic justice, and also help all the local retailers in between. Even still, City Creek Center will have the upper hand since the shopping center is across the street from both the main entrance to the Convention Center and Temple Square (Utah's most popular tourist attraction). Gateway will hardly get any business from conventions if the hotel is centered around City Creek Center. We still want the Gateway to stay alive and thrive as well.

Think of the downtown area functioning like a shopping mall; in malls there are "anchors" like Nordstrom and Macy's, they are placed at the ends of gallerias and act as magnets; they can be around corners, yet they still have the same effect; durring a shoppers journey from one magnet to the next, there are many opportunities for these shoppers to window shop and purchase items or food at an impulse, thus supporting the businesses in between. The Gateway and the soon to be City Creek Center can also function as "anchors," just on a larger scale.

However, if there is a gap (not the retail store) along the way, or if that galleria becomes a parking lot, it can easily derail the shopper and possibly end the shopping spree all together. Placing the hotel on the Royal Wood Plaza location has the potential to bridge the gap on 200 South and promote the development of undeveloped parcels nearby. There are already plans to fill the South Temple gap in with a BYU Salt Lake campus, so the North side of the convention center is covered.