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All four WTC towers will be LEED rated...

ALL 4 towers... WTC1-WTC4 will be LEED rated similar to WTC7... which is LEED silver... I believe. Whether Con-Ed will allow back-up generators to be hooked to their grid is supposed to be worked out shortly (within a few months). Then BofA can hook to the grid and other residential towers can do the same. ConEd claims they are trying to define LEED standards that meet not only electrical engineering NEC code standards but also their electrical grid design standards and these standards should be completed shortly. Then, (supposedly) all LEED buildings (who are currently waiting to hook to the Con-Ed grid) can "connect".

We'll see how long this will take (maybe 3-9 months from now). So, by the time the WTC towers come on line in 2011 - 2013, this should not be a problem.
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