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Originally Posted by MonctonRad View Post
You guys are slow off the mark. There's been an NBL (Canada) thread in the Atlantic Canada section for the last four years.

In any event, a reborn Halifax franchise is coming into the league this year (the Hurricanes) and it is backed by a number of business people in the city, so it should be stable. There is also a new franchise in Niagara Falls this year, and Sydney NS will likely be joining the league next year.

The future of the league remains a little shaky however, ownership issues continue for the Moncton Miracles despite the fact the team has the second highest attendance in the league. Ontario franchises tend to appear and disappear with distressing regularity, with only Windsor and London being stable.

I hope the league survives. Secondary markets in the country deserve access to professional basketball too, and the quality of the play is actually quite good. With mascots and dancers, the game day experience can be quite festive.

What will really make a difference is expansion into western Canada. I know the league is looking into this as a possibility. Travel costs are the big issue I believe.
I hope the league makes it too, I think it has some promise. We have had a hard time here in Windsor filling seats in most games, as many residents are big Detroit Pistons fans and have season tickets, so it's a struggle to get them to attend NBL games as well. Attendance has grown though, just very slowly. This is just a very different market than most NBL franchises because of this.
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