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This is getting closer, I still think an architecturally pleasing open air covering for the Amp along with corporate boxes, club/loge seating area would help. The new museum could feature that Disney Style Soarin' attraction that takes you on a flight down the Mississippi. I would include salt water life from the Gulf as well. AFTER just visiting Mr. Bass Pro's new Aquarium in Springfield, this screams partnership with him. Too bad The Moody Aquarium in Galveston got first dibs on the Pyramid designs.

Like I have said numerous times, Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen should be the basic blueprint of Mud Island. It's a mix of all kinds of attractions from classical Music Hall, Ballet, (see nearby Cannon Center)an open air pantomime theater, Aquarium, outdoor concerts and rides. The mix is strikingly similar to what could happen on and near Mud Island. Somee tastefully done rides on the northern end where the Memphis Belle and playground once was would really round this out and a Christmas Market could be the cherry on top.

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