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Originally Posted by Hill Country View Post
I really hope the Rainey St District proposals get built. If those massings in the rendering below are completed as proposed, it will be an awesome sight as you pass through Downtown.

I don't think we can read too much into the height of the Lambie proposal based on the massing. The developers were downplaying the scope of the building because of the whiny Towers of Town Lake crowd as well as traffic issues which is why I-35 is empty. They would have a harder time arguing against any congestion increase if they showed an actual aerial of what I-35 looks like most of the time.

Okay, so looking at the massings, the light brown blocks are 70 Rainey and the Fairmont, right? The aqua ones are Waller Park Place, while the two twin green massings represent what could go in the lot adjacent to Waller that Sutton and MG Properties Group recently purchased. Then the white one near Waller Park Place is what could go on the lot Endeavor owns, while the yellow mid-rise is Millenium Rainey. Still, what is the white block that seems to be cutting into Skyhouse (obvious glitch), and the white rectangular massing near Millenium? Also where is 48 East on here, or is it not shown?
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