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Originally Posted by mello View Post
Do you really think this will kind of be a watershed moment for San Diego County if One Paseo is allowed to go through as proposed by Kilroy? Between this project and Pacific Highlands Ranch a couple miles east of the 56 that area will be completely Orange Countified and make it feel rather bustling. I will admit the area is quite congested already I know it well having a dentist across the street from Ruth's Chris on El Camino Real. I do think that eventually SD will have to reach a point where traffic gets so bad major investment in transit will be needed. Kind of like what happened in LA ten years ago and they passed Measure R.
I hope One Paseo happens but I will be surprised if it does. IF it does happen though, developments like it or what's happening in Pacific Highlands Ranch won't be what's wrong with traffic in the area. The problem is there are very few ways to get from point A to point B. The only way to get north or south is on the 5 and the only way to get east or west is on the 56. Traffic wouldn't be so bad if there were a few other ways to get anywhere in that part of town.
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