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Originally Posted by Zapatan View Post
"The government doesn't have it"

They don't? Where do the trillions that go to our military come from?
It conjures it and will someday have to pay it back to American institutions, the Social Security trust fund, China and other foreign nations or it will become worthless through inflation. I'm firmly in the severely disappointed camp as far as the WTC redesign and progress. It's really not the point though.
There have been liberty bonds, insurance settlements and P.A. funds that could build these towers. At the same time there's been an utter lack of transparency in the WTC rebuilding process. All of that won't change the simple fact that if there are budget constraints and lack of national will it's safer to delay building the tower for anyone with a financial stake.
I do however think both 2 and 3 WTC will be built and sooner rather than later. It's good, modern Manhattan office space at a discounted rate. We know a lot of corporations such as Time Warner have leases ending soon. Even with the Hudson Yards project there will be demand for modern office space in NYC in the next couple of years. Have a good day everyone!
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