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Originally Posted by Metro-One View Post
Love it, Metrotown's skyline is going to dominate much of the metro area (already it can be seen from many vantage points far away).

I guess even more American tourists are going to mistake it for downtown, haha.

And for residential plus being a suburb, the towers look pretty good to me.

Sorry Dleung, but I honestly don't like those towers in Bellevue, have always found them cold confused in their execution.
even surrey look slike dt with the future towers, what a great city, a great future (not so great in terms of price)

there's a reason why they call 150m a skyscraper, the visual effect is great. how many would van get in the future in terms of these, it's hard to imagine. 30min of travelling, u'd still be inside an urban area, 10 yrs ago that'd be hard to imagine for this city. check out brentwood in the future, a second metrotown. can we possibly reach to this pt without the asian market, applause.
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