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Originally Posted by LosAngelesSportsFan View Post
either way, who cares. its good for edluva to have his own options, more power to him.....but when he tries to state his opinions as fact and generalizes about the city i live in, you bet im gonna comment.

when did i say that my opinion about our food scene was fact? can you show me?

Originally Posted by Avanine-Commuter
your opinion about food is not any better than anyone else's here...Your opinion is yours, it's not fact.
when did i say that my opinion about our food scene was fact? can you show me?

and btw, i'd be curious to turn the tables and gauge your opinion of los angeles...
i for one think angelenos are as a whole, quite a bit less educated than san franciscans, chicagoans, and new yorkers - do you disagree?
los angeles also has fewer of the types of industries that attract educated talent from the rest of the world - in other words, los angeles is not generally considered a magnet for young educated professionals - do you disagree with that?
A much smaller share of LA's metropolitan wealth is urbanized, and where considered "urbanized", to a far lesser degree vs the cities mentioned - do you disagree?
the proportion of los angeles that is white collar is far smaller than that for the cities mentioned - do you not agree?
given the above, do you think that in a random survey of current events, cuisine, geography, architecture, and urbanism trivia, angelenos would fare as well as san franciscans, chicagoans, and new yorkers on the whole?

this questioning isn't aimed solely at avanine-commuter, even though i've clearly inspired a personal vendetta on his part - anybody who disagrees with me is encouraged to chime in.

and this is relevant to a metro discussion because it relates directly to the consistency to which demand for quality architecture (and food) occurs here

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