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Originally Posted by edluva View Post
dream mall, that amusement park, and that horrid new fo guang shan development are tremendous wastes of money that would have been better spent in the city center. kaohsiung needs better planning. it's falling behind taichung and taipei way too fast.
You are better to write a letteer to Persident Group. They are the one make this decision. What is wrong to fo guang shan ? You means this stuff? It is development that is invested by Buddhism. I don't it is good idea to ask Buddhism to spend money at Kaohisung City Centre. It is going to be awful that having 100m tall buddhist statue next to Kaohisung 85 tower.

Currently at Kaohisung City Center, there are four important projects surround it include Kaohisung Convention and Exhibition Center, Kaohisung Port Terminal, Kaohisung Pop Music Center and light rail. These projects have been approved by relevant authorities. Let's see what is going to happen in the future. And another project is under planning, Kaohisung Pearl.

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