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Originally Posted by edluva View Post
noone is saying these people don't have the right to build ugly architecture. (well, maybe they don't - did you know this temple was built without a permit?)

but it deserves mention because unlike you, i recognize that taiwan is in desperate need for greater discussion of the importance of good urban planning and architecture, and i also recognize that taiwan does have a lot of people with good taste, but not a lot of money, and that these voices need to be heard too.
There three major elements for this issue, market perference, developers and authority.

It need people to realised that the city landscape will reform while new buildings are finished. Authorities, developers and people all have their own burden for what the city will look like in the future. People don't like what their city look like, then they should challenge it, not just complain everything like a opposition party in democracies. People should be encouraged to challenge poorly designed building. Just like what public do to urban redevelopment controversy. I would like to have same happen for city landscape or citycape development. Then these three elements can be reformed continually. The problem is it is very slow progress. We need catalyst.

Like metal frame window and colourbond structure on roof top, I can see there is some revolution happen in Taipei that residents in lower floor challenges it and make a claim to court for anyone build it. And I can see residents live in large apartments complex form agreement to ban metal fram window and colourbond structure on the building.
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