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Here are a few of the upcoming projects, all APPROVED, all expected to begin construction within 0-2 years. (first one is U/C working on foundations)

Millennium Tower 625' (plus mechanicals)

Christian Science Center 691' (plus mechanicals)

Copley Place Tower 569' roof/625' crown

Graphic showing previous 2 plus proposal for site by TD Garden

Also APPROVED and expected to begin construction next year

Congress Street Garage Redevelopment (528', 480', 299', few others, plus extra mechanical height)

[IMG] [/IMG]

Trinity Place Hotel Tower 400'

This is far from everything, and there has been a TON of construction in the 100'-300' range over the last couple of years and still continuing. However, these are the towers that should do the most to reshape the skyline in the near future.
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