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Originally Posted by Vatnos View Post
I would be fine with it if downtown were currently getting more and taller proposals, but it isn't. The traffic argument really doesn't sway me much. The transit around North Hills can be improved. Changes to the intersections, better connections to the surrounding neighborhoods, reworking the transit hubs to account for the greater population there, etc. People will use the same argument against development inside the beltline...

It's great for North Hills and it's good for Raleigh ultimately, beats an office park on 540. But it'd be even greater downtown....
Yeah, what I mean is I'd prefer it to be downtown but it is a lot better than how they used to throw stuff willy nilly in the RTP. I do like that the area is fairly mixed use with residential over shopping, a hotel, etc. unfortunately it isn't along the proposed light rail line.
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