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Originally Posted by iamrobk View Post
As happy as I am to see I-95 capped there, oh how I wish they could have capped I-95 another block south to Dock Street, and in my perfect world up to Market Street as well. I wouldn't say it's necessary to cap over Columbus Boulevard too as long as they did something good with the space where those scissor ramps used to be (speaking of, what exactly is going there?), but alas.
That section actually has similar issues as the Market Street. The bridge at Walnut street goes over Delaware Ave, whereas Dock street is at grade. You can't cap fully over Delaware Ave because of the Sheraton on the other side of the street. So you'd have to somehow cap over just 95, while connecting the north end with the bridge on Walnut, and slope it down in both a south and east direction to be level with Dock street and Delaware ave.
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