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Originally Posted by someone123 View Post
The mildest weather station I can find for Newfoundland is a place called Cappahayden, which is near the southeast end of the province. The mean there during the coldest month is -4.2 while St. John's is -4.9. The annual temperature range (lowest to highest monthly mean) is 19.4.

Cappahayden also gets 171.8 cm of snow annually which might be the lowest around Newfoundland. It's at 46.52 N (the farthest south of any active Environment Canada weather station in the province).

The southernmost station in Nova Scotia is Charlesville and its coldest mean temperature is -2. It is at 43.35 N. The annual temperature range there is 17.8. It gets 95 cm of snow per year.

Halifax has 3 weather Environment Canada stations warmer than any weather station in Newfoundland, but only 2 are on the mainland. Sable Island technically is inside the municipality's boundaries for some reason. I didn't include it as Nova Scotia's "mildest" station but the coldest month there is -1.2.
The mildest place in NL that I have seen recorded is St. Shotts (55 km SW of Cappahayden), where the average high is only below zero for one month of the year (February), also with the least snow. I doubt that all these stats are totally wrong, but you are for some reason comparing the most southerly point in Nova Scotia with the most southerly point in NL, which is quite different, and I'm not sure what the point is, considering the difference in latitude.
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