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The warmest winter weather area in NL is likely Placentia/Argentia area. There doesn't appear to be an official EC weather station there though. Google climate data has avg. daily highs above 0 for all 12 months. It has the advantage of being in a sheltered bay that is away from the cooler east-coast waters and Labrador current.

The trade off is cool summers though. The southerly flow usually just cakes the entire south coast in a cool fog, so you never really get somewhere with both warm winters and warm summers. St. John's is sort of the middle ground: warm enough winters, and warm enough summers (exceptions: 3 weeks of this July lmao).

Warmest summer locations are usually in the inland stretch of Grand Falls eastward to Clarenville. High 20s to low 30s aren't uncommon, but of course being far enough away from the ocean means winters can be pretty dang cool.
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