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Originally Posted by DrachenFire View Post
Get that weak butt Temple red away from campus, Drexel Orange or go home!

Or if it has to be red, make it orange first and then paint it as Prez Fry would want it.
Fry really did this? That's hilarious.

I have a genuinely important question? What the heck is going to happen to the Megabus stop right outside of 3025 Market? Will it be moved? Will it continue operation? I'm aware of the plans to move it closer to 30th on a new pediment, but will that be constructed anytime soon?

On another note, this project does pay very good homage to its railroad heritage in two ways; firstly, they're apparently going with PRR Maroon red for the base of 3003 JFK:

Secondly, the little plaza they're building in between the two developments will incorporate the High Line as a kind of canopy, and will have railroad track-esque markings all over the ground:

I can't wait to sit under this as a 3000 ton ST70AH runs above.
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