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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
. [...]

Wow! The northeast of 3rd and Coronado is relatively unchanged.

As you can see..the gas station is gone and a liquor store has taken its place.

Here's how the corner looks from above.


Thanks, e_r! It's interesting to contemplate all of this. Noticing the similar security fencing on top of the liquor store and then also along the property line between the residence above the liquor store and the parking lot next door, I'm inclined to think what maybe is obvious, that the lower property (former service station/current liquor store) is owned by the upper property; and, though there's nothing to crow about aesthetically in the rambling and fortress-like upper property, it seems very well maintained, income likely coming from not only from rental proceeds from the liquor store but also probably from the augmented granny flat above the garage. Also, the owner receives enough money to be able to invest in saving money: I refer to the solar panels. I'd also hazard a guess that the owner reserves the garage's parking facility for owner's use, giving granny flat renter the right to park in the liquor store's little lot (note that the driveway ramp for the garage has been extended laterally enough to accommodate driving into the liquor store lot). Of course I could be totally wrong about all this; but looking it over provides much food for thought!
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