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Thanks Flyingwedge and odinthor. I appreciate it.

A mystery building on eBay

The seller's description for this rppc photograph is somewhat confusing.

For search purposes: Los Angeles, California, Washington Building, 1915 Fair, RPPC

As you can see, a 1915 fair is mentioned. The seller seems to be implying that the building is a 'State' building at one of the two large expositions held in California in 1915. (LINK to fairs below)

To me, the building appears to be an apartment building. (although there's only one mailbox).


And yet, the people seem more 'touristy' than merely inhabitants. (don't ask me why)

Here's what is written on the reverse.

Washington Bldg.
Los Angeles Fair.
Aug. 1915

Hmmm...I just realized it says "Los Angeles fair" maybe it wasn't at one of the two large, well-known expositions.

Refresh my memory: Was 1915 the year Los Angeles held that lesser-known exposition? (I always forget about this one)

Anyhoo...back to my APARTMENT theory.

So far I have found two Washington Apartments in Los Angeles.

In the 1920 city directory.


And the 1928 city directory.


There might be a street number above the entrance of the building..but it's impossible to make out.


What to you noirishers think....#1 Is this an apartment building?....or #2 'Washington State' building at one of the fairs?.................


1915:... Panama - California Exposition, SAN DIEGO.....HERE.

1915:... Panama - Pacific International Exposition, SAN FRANCISCO.....HERE.


OK folks, I just looked up the more elusive Los Angeles Fair...and, regrettably, I proved my point.

I KNOW we have seen a few images of the Los Angeles Exposition on NLA...but at the moment I can't find it.
(was it down in San Pedro?).......(was it held in 1915?)
I'll eventually find it..but right now I'm going to post this.


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