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According to emporis, here's a comparison of the construction boom (buildings with 12+ stories) between some of the major cities across North America:

1623 Completed
184 Proposed
101 Approved
54 Under Construction

New York City:
5456 Completed
45 Proposed
21 Approved
91 Under Construction

1045 Completed
83 Proposed
36 Approved
27 Under Construction

190 Completed
30 Proposed
64 Approved
51 Under Construction

519 Completed
16 Proposed
13 Approved
46 Under Construction

As you can see, while Toronto has the 2nd highest number of highrises under construction on the continent, it has a plethora of projects in proposed and approved stage....far ahead of any other city. Hopefully the transition to u/c status will be applicable to the majority of the approved/proposed projects and then Toronto will truely see a construction boom like it has never seen before.
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