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live in a sculpture that has 15 floors with air rights.....

not to mention, fantastic views of the Mississippi, sunsets over the Atchafalaya and the Capitol.....

From Hays Town to innovative town

Baton Rouge may be traditional, but architects are easing the city into the modern world of design.

Condos over Lafayette Street
Trahan Architects

Trey Trahan has designed a structure that would vault 160 feet into the air from the plaza on the Mississippi River side of the Shaw Center over Lafayette Street and land on the other side of the street.

One "strand" of the building would serve as condominiums, while the other could be used for offices, retail or museum space.

"There is nothing like this in the world," Trahan says.

Trahan has been working on the design for about a year and is in the process of getting approval from several entities--the city-parish, the state and the Shaw Center. He even has lawyers working on the air rights above Lafayette Street. Trahan owns a 30-by-70-foot piece of property that would anchor the building on the west side of Lafayette Street.

The condos will give people the opportunity to live in a sculpture overlooking the Mississippi River. The 25 condos would range from 900 to 2,500 square feet in size, and would probably end up costing between $700 and $900 per square foot to buy.

"These units have glass 360 degrees," says Trahan. "Every unit is like a penthouse."

"Connectivity" and "framing" are themes of the structure. From Tsunami, the restaurant on the roof of the Shaw Center, the proposed building would frame the Mississippi River Bridge. From the ballroom on the top floor of the Hilton Hotel, it would frame the Old State Capitol. From the doors of the Old State Capitol, the new building would frame a view upriver.
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