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Ah, now I know what the changes to the Grand Jersey Redevelopment Plan are about: the city will get a bigger park as well as sewer and stormwater management improvements in exchange for allowing smaller unit sizes (to allow rentals instead of condos) at this site:

Basically they' re already entitled to build buildings of that size as-of-right, but the amendments would allow them to build smaller apartments within the same building envelopes. A total of 2,265 units.

I wouldn't count on this project happening anytime soon, as they would have to build tons of sewer, street, and electrical infrastucture to enable this development. Look how long it's taken for Liberty Harbor North to gain momentum. Maybe when LHN is built out this could happen.

Also, this developer's track record for actually getting things built isn't great. They also own the stalled Muller's Pasta Factory development on Baldwin. That hasn't seen any movement in over a year.

Separately, the amendments to the plan will also allow JCMC to build a parking deck (I think CIA mentioned that project earlier in this thread).

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