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Originally Posted by Reesonov View Post
I think that most of the criticism is related to the timing and the motives behind the legislation. That criticism appears well founded.

On the other hand, I think there are reasonable arguments both in favour and against the substantive changes being proposed.

Yep. Toronto City Council has always been a bit of a gong show, and so a reduction to 25 wards in line with provincial/federal electoral ridings actually has the potential to make Council operate a little more smoothly.

However, the lack of transparency on this, lack of professional & democratic input, timing (in the midst of an ongoing civic election), and seemingly vindictive motives are all very problematic.

Originally Posted by Reesonov View Post
That is a proposal so ambitious in scale that it makes one wonder if Ms. Keesmaat has any idea just how grand it is. The prospects of such an amendment being adopted by the House of Commons, the Senate, and two thirds of the provinces (making up at least 50% of the national population) seem... remote.

The only way I can see it happening is if the mayor campaigns on a referendum for provincehood (as opposed to provincehood itself, magically happening). If the majority of Torontonians support that, the upper levels of government would be pretty well obliged to respect it (we certainly have an established precedent on referendums over secession in Canada...).
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