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Originally Posted by mistercorporate View Post
If NYC can prosper with 15 city reps, we can manage fine with 25. 47 is on the high side, but personally I'm indifferent. I'm more concerned with Doug Ford and John Tory increasing the power of the Mayor, to create super mayors like in big American cities. Our system seems to be doing a good job, but then an experiment like that may work better. I'll wait and see to pass judgement.

NYC has 51 city Councillors, but also functions in a much different way than Toronto's municipal government. In addition to Council, many local decisions (including those related to the city budget) are handled through Community Boards, of which there are 59. So I'm not really sure you can make an apples to apples comparison here.

I'm not opposed to exploring different mechanisms of governing in Toronto including more local autonomy given to the former municipalities. Fairly indifferent to the exact number of Councillors as well. But this is absolutely not the proper way to go about it.
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