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Originally Posted by MonkeyRonin View Post

The only way I can see it happening is if the mayor campaigns on a referendum for provincehood (as opposed to provincehood itself, magically happening). If the majority of Torontonians support that, the upper levels of government would be pretty well obliged to respect it (we certainly have an established precedent on referendums over secession in Canada...).
I agree that a referendum would help (in terms of creating some political pressure). But it would be even more complex than the Quebec secession issue (which is, itself, highly complex). The Constitution Act specifically provides that the creation of new provinces requires satisfaction of the 7+50 formula (whereas an amendment which only affects one province [lots of potential arguments over that particular issue] only requires the House of Commons, Senate, and that particular legislature to agree.)

Its not impossible but it would be a decades-long project.
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