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Originally Posted by JHikka View Post
If the new Vikings stadium is being built with public money it would easily explain the multi-purpose use for high school teams. However, if that's the case, why not just allow local football teams to use it instead? Why baseball?
The University of Minnesota typically used the Metrodome as their venue for early-season games (typically Feb-Mar). This made perfect sense given that the Metrodome was built as a MLB venue, so it was no trouble to let the Gophers play there too. (The Gophers actually have a relatively new outdoor stadium of their own.)

In this case, baseball is a total afterthought at the new Vikings stadium... they're not going to spend hundreds of millions accommodating baseball games that might draw a thousand people. Yet for some reason it was very important to politicians in Minnesota that the new facility could accommodate baseball... so in the end, it's a compromise for everyone. The operator gets away with putting in a half-assed baseball field while still getting oodles of public money, and governments don't have to pony up extra for a full-scale baseball field.

The bottom line is that the Gophers will have a place to play their games out of the cold weather, as lame as the facility will be. I wonder how long it will take before people start complaining that the new stadium is inadequate for baseball and start beating the drum for a new facility? I give it two seasons.