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Originally Posted by NYguy View Post
That would be quite a change. For so many years, the Empire State has dominated Midtown. And nothing in the immediate area even comes close. It was the world's tallest for about 4 decades, and is the only former tallest to hold the title of a city's tallest on two seperate occasions.

Yet, the day of the ESB's dominance may be coming to a close.
And the ESB continued to dominate downtown even after the Twins were put up.

It is a stunning testament to the true greatness of the ESB that it was maintained its standout status in the most skyscraper-intense city in the world right thru the 1st decade of the 21st century, nearly 70 years since it was put up.

But it also underscores what an exciting time in NYC's building history this particular era has suddenly - against all expectations, really, when you consider what was being said after 9/11 - turned into.

And it's not just the mega-projects like Vornado's plan for an AOL-type development around MSG, only bigger, either... 8th Avenue is almost casually being transformed into another Avenue of the Americas before our eyes, and Manhattan is overflowing its physical boundaries into Jersey City and Queen. Even Brooklyn will soon have a skyline worthy of many another major city downtown area!

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