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Originally Posted by CoolCzech View Post
True, but I mean right now when you drive down the Westside Hwy the ESB stands out like a gigantic exclamation mark, in magnificent isolation from other tall buildings. But if all the different projects - the Brookfield and the Vornado projects, the tower at the Hotel Penn site - get underway and reach their potential heights, the ESB will be literally obscured from sight, save perhaps for its spire, from that viewpoint. THAT would make for a radical change to the "look" of NYC, at least from that side of Manhattan...
It really depends on the angle. Because those towers are virtually "in line" with the ESB, they really would only block it in the 33rd-30th St range. You would actually see all of the towers from most other places. But we'll just have to wait and see the bulk and heights of the towers.
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