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We are spending the Labor Day weekend in and around Lewisburg PA (about 60 miles north of Harrisburg); a place near and dear to my heart. This town that I used to live in has changed little, but a few miles south, some huge changes are taking shape, in the form of the long-awaited Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway project. This estimated $620 million highway bypass infrastructure project, the centerpiece of which is a massive new concrete bridge over the Susquehanna River, is far from complete, but some of the massive concrete piers that will support the bridge deck are already soaring above the surrounding fields. When finished, it is expected to alleviate heavy traffic conditions along US Route 15 through Hummels Wharf, Shamokin Dam, and Selinsgrove. It will provide a more direct route for those going between Williamsport and Harrisburg. I have heard that the bridge itself will be one of the highest pier-suported concrete highway bridges in the state. I believe the estimated completion date for everything is 2024.

Even though it's a ways north of Harrisburg, I thought it would be appropriate to post some quick-and-dirty driveby photos that I shot today on this thread. Here's the link to the official project website.

Up along Ridge Road, which will ultimately connect to the northern side of the bridge:

Concrete piers u/c in the distance, on the far (west) bank of the river:

Close up:

Another view from Ridge road, into the valley:

Underneath 147, where an adjacent overpass is being constructed, I think for what will eventually be the northbound traffic coming from the bridge:

I probably won't be back in the region for another year at least. I would love it if anyone else was able to post occasional updates. The last time something this expensive was constructed in the valley was....I think ...probably never...

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